Your stay in the hospital

Patients of St. Raphael Hospital in Kraków may count on healthcare in its modern aspect combined with the best traditions. Our equipment brings in the modern aspect, and the individual approach to our patients is the part of the tradition, which put ethics and their welfare at the top spot.

Physicians and the rest of staff are available for our patients at all times, and at the highest level. They recover health, relief pain, and take great care to keep our patients in good physical and mental condition. We focus on an individual approach and solid healthcare.

"Hospital Without Pain" is a motto which is visible in all our actions, as pain is the worst enemy of a patient, and this is why it is crucial to us. We take care that our patients feel well in our hospital, and we strive to do anything and everything in our power to create an atmosphere that is mentally favourable for them. Mental strength is the key to a speedy recovery.